RADsite Client Administration Area

If you had a RADmin account with a username that was set up before 21 May 2022, the username and password you previously used will no longer work. You should now log in with your email address rather than your username, and the first time you log in you must set up a new password. Please follow the steps in the Changing your password section.

RADmin Account Help

Logging in to RADmin

Access to RADmin is controlled by a Microsoft Azure service that provides secure identity and access management.

You log in with your email address and a password that you set up with the Microsoft Azure service. RADsite has no access to this password. Your RADmin account is not linked to any other accounts you may already have with Microsoft, and you should use a different password for your RADmin account.

You will only be able to log in to RADmin if your email address has been registered by RADsite (or by your local Client Administrator if you are an employee or customer of one of RADsite's clients).

The first time you log in to RADmin you must verify your email address and set up a new password by following the steps described in the Changing your password section.

Why has the process changed?

RADmin is gradually moving to a microservices architecture with multiple smaller applications rather than one large application that does everything. Each application can then be updated, maintained and hosted separately, and can use the most appropriate technology stack.

The first stage in this transformation is to adopt a separate authentication process with single-sign-on capability. Once you have signed in to one RADmin application, you will be able to switch to other RADmin applications without signing in again.

Initially you will probably not notice much difference apart from the sign-in process, but over the coming months and years, parts of the RADmin application will be gradually replaced by updated versions with an improved user interface.

Deleting your RADmin account

If you wish to delete your RADmin account, please contact RADsite (or your local Client Administrator if you are an employee or customer of one of RADsite's clients).

Changing your email address

If you wish to change the email address that you use to log in to RADmin, please contact RADsite (or your local Client Administrator if you are an employee or customer of one of RADsite's clients).

A new account will need creating, and the old one deleting. It is no longer possible to change your own email address from within RADmin.

Changing your password

If you are already logged in to RADmin, you must log out before you can change your password.

From the Sign in screen, click on the "Forgot your password?" link:

Sign in screen

On the User Details screen, enter your email address and click the "Send verification code" button:

User Details screen

Wait for an email message from "Microsoft on behalf of RADsite Ltd" with the subject "RADsite Ltd account email verification code". If you do not receive the message within five minutes, check your spam folders. It should contain a six digit verification code:

Verification code email message

Enter the six digit verification code from the email and click the "Verify code" button:

Verify code screen

If the code was entered correctly and your email address is verified you will get a confirmation message. Press the "Continue" button (not the "Change e-mail" button!):

Code verified successfully screen

Enter your new password in both boxes and press the "Continue" button:

New password screen

Provided the new password meets the complexity rules your password will be changed and you will be logged in to RADmin.

If you get an error message "An account could not be found for the provided user ID" then there is no RADmin account assigned to your email address. Please contact RADsite or your local Client Administrator to resolve this.